Blockchain Studio

Take part of the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Studio is the easiest way to modelize a business idea and transform it into a running decentralized application.


Blockchain a breakthrough technology

Blockchain is foreseen as the second biggest technology revolution after the Internet.

In the next decade, the usage of Blockchain technology will completely redesign our way of trading and sharing currencies, goods, stocks, information, data, … especially by avoiding the need of trusted third parties and intermediaries.

Blockchain technology added value are significant : cost reduction, sales increase, customer experience improvement and new business model. We are expecting the blockchain-derived business value of 175 billions USD in 2025.

The simplest tool to modelize your business idea and to transform it into a running smart contract

With your web browser, define tokens and actors and design the transactions logic and let Blockchain Studio generate the whole decentralized application with smart contract code (ie. Solidity on Ethereum), client wallets and user interfaces

Learning by doing


Rapid Application Development